IPM Admission policy at different IIMs

IPM is a 5-year Integrated Program in management, first started at IIM Indore in 2011.Currently, 5 IIMs; IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, IIM Ranchi, IIM Bodh Gaya, and IIM Jammu offer the IPM program. While IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak conduct admission based on their own IPMAT exams. IIM Ranchi accepts IPMAT Indore and SAT scores […]

How to manage time during IPMAT exam?

To crack IPMAT, one must be able to manage time effectively to maximise accuracy and the number of questions attempted both at the same time. This can be done through prior rough calculations of the maximum time one can spend on – a) Each Section and b) Each Question in the IPMAT exam. One must […]

All About IPMAT IIM Indore

IPMAT Indore is the aptitude test started and conducted by IIM Indore for enrollment into its IPM course (Integrated Program in Management). IIM Indore, the sixth addition to the IIM family, was established in 1996. It started its first batch of IPM in 2011. IPM is a 5-year dual degree program; BA (Foundations of management – 3 years) + MBA (2 years).

Why should I choose UniVoyage

UniVoyage aims to provide you with the best training program by ensuring you use all resources optimally and achieve the best outcome in the required amount of time. Therefore,  UniVoyage has developed a model to achieve your goal after closely observing students’ journeys who have successfully cracked the exam. In this article, we explain how we have prepared our course material and ensure that we curate a learning experience that would be the best for you, backed by scientifically proven concepts!

Can a Non-Maths student crack IPMAT

Yes, being a non-math student you can crack IPMAT and for that you must plan and strategize your preparation effectively to be able to solve higher maths related questions with ease! Various IIMS like IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak ask questions related to higher maths in their IPMAT exam. These questions are from the topics […]

Paper Patterns of IPMAT IIM Indore, IPMAT IIM Rohtak and JIPMAT

Different IIMs like IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya conduct their own entrance exams for entry to the Integrated Programme in Management in these colleges. IPMAT exam is conducted by IIM Indore and JIPMAT is conducted for admissions in IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya. IIM Rohtak also conducts its own […]

When Should I Start IPM Interview Preparation?

The IPM personal interview is an integral part of the IPM admission process at IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, and IIM Ranchi. The thought of giving an interview can be nerve-wracking for most students. However, one can easily crack the interview with proper preparation and practice. But, when should one start the preparation? Should one start […]

IPM or BBA- Which one should you choose?

IPM – Integrated program in management is a dual degree program offered at IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu. The course is divided into 3 years of under graduation and 2 years of post-graduation. The course is a sought-after program for young students with managerial and leadership aspirations. To know more […]

How to Analyse mocks effectively

Prepare all you want, but what use is it if you aren’t aware of where you stand and where you need to reach. Mocks are a way to test your preparedness for the exam and each mock is unique in its style and structure. Giving mocks is the best option in order to know whether […]

Tips to crack IPMAT IIM Indore quant section

IPMAT IIM Indore Quantitative Aptitude Section, is a game to master eventually. The primary difference between math and quant is the time it takes to solve the question- being quicker in quants. The topics covered in quants are basic and would require logic and application mainly. It is a subject that ought to be mastered […]