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    What is IPMAT Indore?

    IPMAT Indore is the aptitude test started and conducted by IIM Indore for enrollment into its IPM course (Integrated Program in Management). IIM Indore, the sixth addition to the IIM family, was established in 1996. It started its first batch of IPM in 2011. IPM is a 5-year dual degree program; BA (Foundations of management – 3 years) + MBA (2 years).

    After the IPMAT exam, the candidates who have cleared the cut-offs are shortlisted for the personal interview. The final merit list is prepared based on the candidate’s performance in the IPMAT exam and the Personal Interview (composite score).

    To know more about IPMAT cut-offs, check out our blog: Decoding IPMAT Cut-offs.

    What is the paper pattern of IPMAT Indore?

    As per historic trends, the paper has three sections which are scored separately and combined to form your aptitude test score. The three sections are Quantitative ability (MCQ), Quantitative Ability (Short Answers), and Verbal Ability. The sequence of sections may be jumbled and is not pre-decided. The order for the last four years (2019- 2022) is QA SA-> QA MCQ-> VA MCQ and may be changed next year. In QA MCQ and VA section, each correct response to a question yields you four marks, and for each wrong response, one mark is deducted. As for the QA SA section, each correct answer yields four marks, and there is no negative marking for incorrect responses.

    Quantitative Ability (Multiple Choice Questions)

    This section tests your mathematical skills, aptitude for quantitative subjects, and logical reasoning skills. Each question is given four choices, of which only one is correct.

    Quantitative Ability (Short answers)

    This section also tests your mathematical skills but involves questions followed by a box, where you have to feed in your answer using the onscreen keyboard. 

    NOTE: The answers have so far been usually integers. However, this can’t be taken as a thumb rule!

    Verbal Ability

    This section tests your conversational vocabulary, reasoning skills, and aptitude for the English language and grammar. All the questions in this section are followed by four answer choices, out of which only one is correct, except  ParaJumbles questions, which are usually asked in the format of TITA (Type In The Answer) and carry a negative marking of 1 mark.

    What is ATS & how is it calculated?

    The Aptitude Test Score of IPMAT determines whether you get the interview call. ATS is calculated as shown in the figure below. You can see that it is important to balance one’s IPMAT score across all the sections.

    How long is the IPMAT Indore exam?

    The exam is 2 hours long, excluding check-in time at the testing center. The 2 hours, i.e., 120 minutes, are split equally between the three sections. So, each section has a time limit of 40 minutes.

    NOTE: In 2020 and 2021, the time was reduced to 90 minutes due to pandemic restrictions.

    Here are the question distribution and sectional time limits of the paper for the last four years- 

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    Question Examples 

    Quantitative Ability (MCQ)

    • Let Sn be the sum of the first n terms of an A.P {an} . If  S5=  S9, what is the ratio of 

     a3: a5?

    1. 9:5
    2. 5:9
    3. 3:5
    4. 5:3

    Quantitative Ability (SA)

    • In a class,  60% and 68% of students passed their Physics and Mathematics examinations respectively. Then at least _____ percentage of students passed both their Physics and Mathematics examinations.

    Verbal Ability 

    • In each of the following sentences, the incorrect part of the sentence is underlined. Choose an alternative from the four given options to render the sentence correct.


    The place where her father disappeared, and the reason why he did are unknown to her.

    1. Her father disappeared and the reason why he did 
    2. Where her father disappeared and the reason he did 
    3. Her father disappeared and the reason he did 
    4. Where her father disappeared and the reason why he made 

    One of the statements below contains a word and incorrectly. Choose the option with the incorrect or inappropriate usage of the word.

    1. The president of the City Chamber of Commerce is an urbane, kindly and generous man.
    2. The writer’s next book deals with the life of an urbane intellectual as seen through the eyes of a lawyer.
    3. My uncle who lives in New York turned out to be the exact opposite of the urbane, wealthy gentleman that I was expecting to meet.
    4. Over 70% of the people living in urbane areas said that they wanted better roads and more schools.

    NOTE: All the above-given questions are taken from previous year’s IPMAT question papers. IIM Indore officially started releasing IPMAT papers in 2019. You can check out these papers on the 

    How is the final score calculated?

    After conducting the personal interview round for students who cleared the IPMAT, a composite score is calculated to prepare the merit list for admission. For the past two years, aptitude test scores and personal interviews have a weightage of 65% and 35%, respectively, on the composite score. The scheme for computing CS for the past four years is given below.

    What is a Good IPMAT score?

    Clearing minimum cut-offs of IPMAT can only guarantee you PI shortlist and not the final call. As you can see in the previous section, ATS is given 65% weightage in Composite Score, making it important to maximize your score in IPMAT. Based on the difficulty of the previous year’s IPMAT papers and Cutoffs, a score of 160+ can be considered a good IPMAT score. However,  this should not be considered a rigid benchmark while giving IPMAT. These benchmarks will vary according to the difficulty of the paper.

    How Hard is IPMAT?

    IPMAT is a moderately difficult exam compared to other popular entrance exams. IPMAT tests your ability to think under pressure and decision-making skills. Although the concepts are easy, solving questions in a limited time frame can get tricky. Here, choosing the right questions to answer, knowing the quickest approach to solve a question, and familiarity with concepts and types of questions becomes crucial. Practice, Speed, and Accuracy are key to cracking this exam.

    UniVoyage uses scientific methodology to cover all these characteristics to give students the best experience. 

    IPM at other IIMs 

    Following the suit of IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak started its IPM program in 2019, followed by IIM Jammu, IIM Ranchi, and IIM Bodhgaya, which started their programs in 2022.

    As of July 2022, IIM Rohtak has its own entrance test called IPMAT Rohtak, while IIM Bodhgaya and IIM Jammu jointly launched JIPMAT. IIM Ranchi follows the scores of IPMAT Indore.

    Do any other institutes consider IPMAT Indore scores?

    The following institutes also accept IPMAT Indore scores:

    • IIM Ranchi
    • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Kakinada
    • Institute of Management, Nirma University
    • Department of Management Studies, NALSAR University of Law

    As you can see, many colleges take IPMAT Indore scores. If you want to crack this test, we suggest looking at the course specially curated for the exam by IIM Indore students who have been through the strenuous processes and emerged victorious! UniVoyage