Best Resources for IPMAT

There are four major types of learners- auditory, kinesthetic, visual and reading/writing. Who are you? Before you embark on your learning journey be it IPMAT or boards, know which kind of learner you are in order to enjoy the process of learning. Auditory learners grasp faster when explaining the concept. Kinesthetic learners prefer to acquire […]

Excelling in the time game

Speed and Accuracy are the two key components which every aspirant aims to master over the course of their preparation. However, it is only the gameplay of time that anyone cant gain the mastery of them.  “How do I increase my speed? I do get the answers but, late.” remains the query for many. The […]

5 Tips for the perfect Verbal Ability score

If you’re an IPMAT IIM Indore aspirant looking to improve your Verbal Ability score, there are some things that you can specifically keep in mind to give your best shot at IPMAT IIM Indore. The Verbal Ability section is tricky to work with as there are no set formulae and methods that will guarantee you […]

How to manage board examinations with IPMAT prep

While one may underestimate the importance of board exams, the 10th and 12th board exam marks act as significant components for selection to some IIMs like IIM Indore apart from the CAT scores and are considered in other top-tier institutions too. It would not be wise to jeopardise the 10th and 12th board exam scores, […]

Important Topics For IPMAT

As the IPMAT-22 examination date is around the corner, the curiosity and anxiety levels are over the roof. IPMAT is IIM-Indore’s one-of-a-kind unique program which offers incentives to the students to create and hone their analytical and business skills right after 12th grade in a premium B-School. Big deal ha! In this article, you will […]

A Glimpse into IIM Indore’s IPM

Holistic, innovative, socially relevant, and empowering- these are just some of the words used to describe IIM Indore’s one-of-a-kind Integrated Programme in Management. Launched in 2011, the IPM Programme is a 5-year program open to students after they graduate Grade 12. The programme aims to create socially conscious leaders equipped with critical thinking skills and […]

The Art of Mock Test-Taking

‘Practice Mock Tests’ is advice often repeated by online entrance coaching blogs, teachers, and successful aspirants. At first glance, it seems like a piece of simple, fool-proof advice that could hardly go wrong. Nevertheless, to capture the full essence of this nugget of advice, it is essential to learn how exactly one should practice mock […]

Life at IPM IIM Indore

IPM is one of the most exciting programmes launched by IIM Indore. The course is known to be tiring, educational, and fun at the same time. It brings students from all over India and young international students. Students often find that their peers here are all academically brilliant and knowledgeable. Besides, everyone has at least […]