Why should I choose UniVoyage

UniVoyage aims to provide you with the best training program by ensuring you use all resources optimally and achieve the best outcome in the required amount of time. Therefore,  UniVoyage has developed a model to achieve your goal after closely observing students’ journeys who have successfully cracked the exam. In this article, we explain how we have prepared our course material and ensure that we curate a learning experience that would be the best for you, backed by scientifically proven concepts!


Starting off, we have the 1-3-7 model or the ‘Bell Curve Approach’ that ensures a gradual uptick in preparation intensity, allowing students to adapt smoothly to the syllabus and structure

Day 1- Prerecorded video

Day 3- Practice Questions through book, tests.

Day 7- Revise the topic and complete asking all your doubts.

Graphical Representation

The intensity peaks midway through the preparation and gradually lessens as time progresses. 

When the student hits the 70% mark with their preparation of topics, they can confidently go ahead with attempting mocks, increasing their frequency as time passes since they are already done with most of their prep. 

This will kick off the following virtuous cycle:-

This would also help the students manage their boards well since the pressure of entrance prep would be less at the time of boards.

It also enables students to use Parkinson’s law to their advantage. For starters, Parkinson’s law is the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” It applies to all forms of work. 

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Therefore, we believe in an optimal study structure that enables the student to get done with the syllabus in the most time-efficient manner without feeling burdened.

Studying and completing the syllabi is one thing; retaining them till the end is another (and often daunting, sigh). Learners often forget about 70% of what they learned in a day and about 90% in a week.

This is how the retention of information diminishes over time. Having been IPMAT aspirants ourselves, we deeply empathize with students who are treading the same path as ours to win their ticket to Indore. Thus, we know it’s pretty frustrating and disheartening to have forgotten the course content even after putting so much time and effort into picking that up in the first place.

But fret not; we have got you covered!

We have incorporated various elements in our product that enable the learner to interact with a particular piece of content through multiple media, enabling better retention. And to add to this, the peer-driven learning model coupled with gamification is in place to ensure that you retain every single bit of information you learn from us.

Do you know?

(1.01)365     = 37.78
Sounds counter-intuitive, right? How can just a 1% improvement over 365 cycles yield an outcome 37 times bigger than the initial outcome?

Well, that is what is called the ‘One-Percent Principle.’
And what drives such an outcome?
It is the power of consistency. You need not take giant leaps and stress yourself out. Small, consistent steps over a considerable period will go a far way in helping you crack IPMAT.

This is the very role that live lectures would play. Their very design of being scheduled at regular intervals for dedicated topics would enable you to move forward consistently, taking one step at a time towards your destination.

This will also help you achieve consistency in terms of watching pre-recorded videos by enabling a sort of synchronization between the two components.

All this, coupled with frequent testing and a set of physical books containing 6000+ questions that reinforce the concepts taught in the classes, would help boost your learning. Researchers have found that students taking regular tests perform far better than their counterparts. Moreover, with on-demand doubt-solving in place, this would create a sort of positive feedback loop for you wherein any doubts/difficulties faced while appearing for these tests can be cleared there and then.

This, combined with several practice tests and knowledge checks, would enhance your confidence and conviction in the topic and serve as checkpoints throughout your voyage to crack IPMAT.

All this can be overwhelming. But don’t you worry.
Personalized mentorship would do its job here.

Have a general exam-related query?

Want a custom study schedule to be suggested?

Want guidance on essential topics? Want to know more about preparation tips and tricks?

Well, personalized mentors would always be at your disposal, and you could avail of their mentorship on-demand.

So, what is expected of you?

We have designed the course to incorporate each of the aforementioned elements in a streamlined manner so that you can prepare in the best way possible. So, the only thing we would require from you is utmost discipline and adherence to the given structure to get the maximum out of the course and prepare in the best way possible.

So, let’s embark upon the voyage to crack IPMAT with Uni Voyage.