Tips to crack IPMAT IIM Indore quant section

IPMAT IIM Indore Quantitative Aptitude Section, is a game to master eventually. The primary difference between math and quant is the time it takes to solve the question- being quicker in quants. The topics covered in quants are basic and would require logic and application mainly.

It is a subject that ought to be mastered overtime allowing the aspirants to face ample rejections on the way. A hard question needs to be solved by identifying the concept, applying it, working it out, chalking a solution, all within 2 minutes of time.

There are times when the aspirant isn’t in the flow and hence lacks the attention and focus required to solve the quant section. You aren’t able to solve the same question in spite of knowing what needs to be done. Here are a few tips to tackle the same:

a. Solve it yourself- When you don’t know a question while you solve a bunch of them, do not start checking the answer to it immediately. When solving a bunch of 15 questions, and you don’t know the 3rd one, keep it aside and start doing the rest. Once all 15 are done, then check the answers. Only post that go to the solutions of the questions you weren’t able to solve. And even in this case, do not just see the solution and understand it. It would appear as if you understood the question but you won’t be able to solve the next one. Therefore, see the starting steps of the question, understand them and start solving by yourself. Pen it down. Calculations in the air wouldn’t fetch you enough results. For the questions which you don’t know anything about, go through the solution entirely and do it yourself again.  

b. Revisit- Keep marking the questions which you aren’t able to solve in the first go. Do them after knowing the solution, yet keep them marked. In the second round or revision of the chapter, do all these marked questions and see whether you are able to solve them. If yes, Bingo! You hit the bulls eye. If not, the solution isn’t ingrained in your brain yet, keep working the same way and let the mark be.

c. Simplify- One of the important techniques that any topper follows is to manage time by simplifying the calculation. Do not carry out the operations (additions, subtraction, multiplication and division) till the end of the solution. Specially in questions concerning surface areas and volumes, IPMAT IIM Indore tests your ability to convert the question in equations. In such a case, it is a good practice to multiply only in the end.

Acing the short answer- IPMAT IIM Indore question pattern is unique in its structure. The short answer questions are a way to test your concept clarity as here you wouldn’t have MCQs to eliminate options. In this case, it is important to know, understand and apply the concept clearly. Hence, while preparing for IPMAT, try to solve the complete question by yourself first, as much as possible, and then look for eliminating options. This would help you ace the short answer section also easily.