Can a Non-Maths student crack IPMAT

Yes, being a non-math student you can crack IPMAT and for that you must plan and strategize your preparation effectively to be able to solve higher maths related questions with ease!

Various IIMS like IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak ask questions related to higher maths in their IPMAT exam. These questions are from the topics taught to students in classes 11th and 12th.

On an average, in the IPMAT exam in IIM Indore, 10-15 questions out of 60 questions of quantitative aptitude from higher maths are asked. On the other hand, in IPMAT, IIM Rohtak, less questions (around 4-5 questions) are expected from higher maths section.

Higher Maths hence has an important role in the IPMAT exam given its weightage and hence it cannot be ignored. However, we can devise appropriate strategy and with proper planning, we can crack this section.

Since there are numerous topics in Higher Maths, we can first select those topics that have the highest weightage in the IPMAT exam based on past years’ IPMAT, IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak papers. We can see that many questions are asked from concepts like Sequence and Series (AP, GP and HP), Maxima and Minima, Logarithms, Trigonometry, Permutations and Combinations, Matrices and Determinants and Set Theory.

Now, we can step by step try to understand these concepts and practice as much as possible to gain confidence and to get an idea of what improvements we need and in which area.

Note that our aim is not to spend a lot of time on understanding the concepts in depth. Instead, we can plan our preparation to focus more on practising those types of questions that are asked in the exam. For doing this, you can refer to mock papers and past year papers which will give an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam.

Other topics from higher maths like Binomial Theorem and Integration and Differentiation are also part of the syllabus. However, to maximise our higher maths score, we must be clear of earlier topics which have more weightage.

Also, if we have enough time, we must always try not to leave any topic and we must be aware of its basic concept so that when a question comes in front of us in the exam, this basic concept or idea will help us intelligently guess the correct answer, eliminate irrelevant options and tick the best possible answer.

One can ensure a good score in higher maths section in the IPMAT exam of IIM Indore and Rohtak, provided that one must put efforts to consistently practise questions and time oneself. Also note that this practice would be the same and required by all IPMAT aspirants whether maths or non-maths students since questions asked in the IPMAT exam are of higher level than what is taught at school level.

Hence to effectively deal with this section, plan topics where you need to work on, start from the basic concepts, try past year papers and finally analyse where you can improve.

Try to give each topic a few days, understand the concept and practice questions and then try to move to the next important topic. After completing the next topic, you can review the initial topic once to perfect it. This will help you get motivation and confidence.

Also it must be noted that IPM Curriculum requires us to learn and understand Higher Maths concepts like Calculus, Probability etc. Hence one must have clarity and knowledge of these topics.

Hence to crack IPMAT, you must practice difficult topics as much as possible and with consistency !