5 Tips for the perfect Verbal Ability score

If you’re an IPMAT IIM Indore aspirant looking to improve your Verbal Ability score, there are some things that you can specifically keep in mind to give your best shot at IPMAT IIM Indore. The Verbal Ability section is tricky to work with as there are no set formulae and methods that will guarantee you a correct answer. However, there are some good practices that you can follow for Verbal ability that will help you reach 90-95% accuracy in your IPMAT IIM Indore Verbal Ability attempt. 

Firstly, boiling down the entire Verbal Ability section into different question types can help you develop a clear strategy for preparation. Certain topics like Para jumbles, Idioms and Phrases, Phrasal Verbs, Reading Comprehension, Fill in the blanks have been very repetitive over the past few years in IPMAT IIM Indore Verbal Ability Section. It would be smart to identify these trends and structure your IPMAT IIM Indore preparation accordingly. Secondly, Verbal Ability needs a certain level of understanding of English grammar. While direct grammar questions may not be asked, having the fundamentals right will enable you to understand advanced concepts. Therefore, you should dedicate some time to understanding grammar rules and concepts. Thirdly, you can get into the habit of daily solving 4-5 questions from each question type. Verbal Ability needs constant effort, and a break in your Verbal Ability preparation can lead to a poor IPMAT IIM Indore attempt. Fourth, inculcate a habit of reading the Editorial sections of the Hindu (at a beginner level) and essays from Aeon (if you’re at an advanced level). These resources will help you build an attention span that will help you sail through your IPMAT Verbal Ability section with ease and comfort. Lastly, Verbal Ability may seem to have no structure, unlike Quantitative Aptitude or Logical Reasoning, which have set formulae. Verbal Ability still has some fundamentals that need to be memorised. For example, the case of mandatory pairs in para jumbles or the standard practice of skimming through Reading Comprehension and mentally summarising it. These standard practices help crack some Verbal Ability questions with utmost ease and confidence. 

Hope these tips will help you get high accuracy in the Verbal Ability section of IPMAT IIM Indore. The Verbal Ability section is scoring and demands a decent amount of effort, making the cost-benefit analysis of preparing for it totally worth it. Hope this encourages you to implement these Verbal Ability practices and give your best IPMAT IIM Indore attempt.

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