Life at IPM IIM Indore

IPM is one of the most exciting programmes launched by IIM Indore. The course is known to be tiring, educational, and fun at the same time. It brings students from all over India and young international students. Students often find that their peers here are all academically brilliant and knowledgeable. Besides, everyone has at least one co-curricular experience: dance, music, art, sports, or even rapping!

With the arrival of the morning light, come the quiet and persistent cries of the birds and open your eyes to IIM Indore’s peaceful environment. Away from the city’s noise and pollution, the centre is filled with fresh air, winding streets, and quiet surroundings; until that silence has embarrassed the alarming cries of the students who have to face unimaginable deadlines on any given day. In that moment of great chaos, when the printer queue does not end and deadlines loom, the place’s peace and tranquillity disappear. Life on the IIM Indore campus will be busy and challenging but never dull. Along with the many assignments and classes, students also participate in multiple committees, work clubs, and competitions. It is a fully-fledged campus with a place for all students to study, build long-lasting friendships, and cultivate hobbies. As students live on campus, they often have classes and meetings up to and after midnight and regular tests and quizzes. At the same time, students also participate in general student activities such as sports, fun, and service with various sports courts and a fully equipped sports stadium, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Birthdays are celebrated with great enthusiasm in the crowded centre of the campus. Celebrations of different cultural festivals, night parties, IIM Indore’s fests are among the things that make up college life on campus.

Classes start at 9:30 am, and everyone is expected to be punctual as there is a penalty for tardiness. Students have to be punctual and have to prepare for the session by reading the distributed material ahead of time. The 75-minute duration of the 15-minute tea break lasts for several days. However, evening marks the beginning of more fun activities on campus, from playing your favourite game, hiking around campus, visiting the city and its many food joints. One of the unique features of the campus is that students use most of the materials. The Students Activity Council (SAC) is the channel through which the student body makes the most of its efforts. Elected by participants year after year, SAC is a source of management and entertainment. The Cultural Committee, known as CulCom, organizes all festivals, dinners, parties, antaksharis, dumb charades, and many other activities. The student body also has its own PI shop, which caters to the daily needs of students. It supplies basic food and provides experience in business operations – an authentic learning experience concerning management.

In addition, students practice a fast food joint with a juice called Juice and More, better known as JAM. Known for its fresh juices and fast food, JAM is also a place where most students meet in the evenings, have conversations, watch cricket matches, and relax in general. In terms of the festival, IPM students have organized three unique festivals a year. These are Atharv, Management and Cultural fest; Ranbhoomi, Sports fest, and Utkarsha, Social fest. Furthermore, students also contribute to the planning of the Indore Marathon with IRIS, a fest organized by PGP students. As the batch size is small, all students get plenty of awareness and experience from IPM’s student activities, academics, and campus life.