A Glimpse into IIM Indore’s IPM

Holistic, innovative, socially relevant, and empowering- these are just some of the words used to describe IIM Indore’s one-of-a-kind Integrated Programme in Management. Launched in 2011, the IPM Programme is a 5-year program open to students after they graduate Grade 12. The programme aims to create socially conscious leaders equipped with critical thinking skills and organizational abilities.

Of the five-year course, the first three years are devoted to the student’s undergraduate education. In the fourth and fifth years, the IPM students join the (PGP) Post-Graduate Programme of IIM Indore. IPM’s curriculum covers a diverse variety of subjects. In the words of the director, Prof Himanshu Rai, “The course is designed in a way that is an amalgamation of courses ranging from science, economics, statistics, humanities to dance, drama, music and other languages which help the students introspect and develop them as a leader and manager who is holistic.”

Additionally, students are also encouraged to find growth opportunities outside classroom walls. At the end of the second year, they must pursue a social internship. Students can also participate in student exchange programs in either their third or fifth year as well as a rural exchange program and a Himalayan outbound program in their fourth and fifth years. Furthermore, interested students have the facility to take a sabbatical after their third year to gauge hands-on experience through internships. There is also an exit option available to students after the third year, following which they get a BA degree from the institute in Foundations of Management.

Since its inception in 2011, the IPM program has grown by leaps and bounds. Its competitive entrance examination test called the IPMAT (IPM Aptitude Test) now witnesses more than 20,000 applicants compete annually for its 120 seats. Due to the program’s popularity, the institute is planning to increase the student intake to 240 in the upcoming years. After the success of IIM Indore’s IPM programme, IIM Rohtak launched its IPM programme in 2019.

IPM’s holistic and comprehensive curriculum encourages an all-rounded development in line with the New Economic Policy, 2020. It proves to be well-deserved of its title as one of the top choices for students interested in management in the country.

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