How to manage board examinations with IPMAT prep

While one may underestimate the importance of board exams, the 10th and 12th board exam marks act as significant components for selection to some IIMs like IIM Indore apart from the CAT scores and are considered in other top-tier institutions too. It would not be wise to jeopardise the 10th and 12th board exam scores, especially 12th-grade ones since most college cut-offs are based on them. IPMAT IIM Indore preparation should ideally be a continuous process. Any breaks in IPMAT IIM Indore preparation can lead to a loss in connection of concepts, which could lead to an average or a below-average attempt at IPMAT IIM Indore. An ideal IPMAT IIM Indore aspirant should target a continuous preparation period and, at the same time, give dedicated amounts of time to their 10th and 12th Board examinations.

There are three ways that an ideal IPMAT IIM Indore aspirant can stay in touch with their preparation during the board examinations. One, giving an IPMAT IIM Indore mock every week or taking out time to give it before an easy board exam or during holidays before any exam. This practice of giving an IPMAT mock will enable the aspirant to revise almost all IPMAT topics in a span of 2 hours. Moreover, this will help in time management during the IPMAT IIM Indore attempt, which is the primary key to getting a good IPMAT score. The second way is to maintain a formula booklet for all quantitative topics during the main IPMAT preparation and then use this formula booklet during Board preparation for revision. A good 25 minutes a day can be deployed to revise all formulae and concepts from this formula booklet, with the objective of byhearting all IPMAT formulae during the board examinations. This could be done while eating snacks or during breaks from the board examination preparation. The third way to stay in touch with the IPMAT IIM Indore syllabus is to pick four important topics and need practice and solve five questions every day from each of these four IPMAT topics. This amounts to a total of 100 questions solved from each topic, assuming the board examinations last for 20 days. This also amounts to spending 30-40 minutes on a daily basis, which is doable in breaks and parts. This practice will reduce the burden of doing those 4 IPMAT IIM Indore topics in the post-board exam preparation time and, at the same time, help in perfecting four important IPMAT IIM Indore topics. 

This is just a rough guideline to help you excel in your IPMAT IIM Indore preparation and get your ticket to the famous arches of IIM Indore. Staying in touch with the syllabus through mocks during my board examinations supremely helped me for my IPMAT IIM Indore attempt and played a significant role in securing a rank of IPMAT AIR 13. I would not recommend jeopardising your Board examinations. Those scores will play an essential role in your CAT shortlists. However, you can strike a balance between the two just like an IPMer strikes a balance between profile building and having a life (on a lighter note). Hope this helped you, for more such insights, follow UniVoyage and reach out to us on our social media platforms.