Best Resources for IPMAT

There are four major types of learners- auditory, kinesthetic, visual and reading/writing. Who are you? Before you embark on your learning journey be it IPMAT or boards, know which kind of learner you are in order to enjoy the process of learning. Auditory learners grasp faster when explaining the concept. Kinesthetic learners prefer to acquire knowledge by performing activities and attaching data to it to retain the same in their memory. Visual learners prefer videos over books and readers/writers, as the name suggests, prefer to perform the respective action to retain a greater amount of information. Each of us is made with varied proportions of each of these aspects of learning. The proportion varies and hence the way in which we could retain more information should be identified and used to our advantage.

There are multiple resources which could come handy for all kinds of learners. IPMAT is more about logic than just about the concept. Hence, retention along with application is important. For an IPMAT aspirant, there could be multiple avenues of preparation in both self as well as tutored form. Should you be taking coaching or should you study on your own? The answer to this question depends on the way you think you can cover the syllabus. If you understand yourself to be a procrastinator and need someone to be behind you to keep track of your progress, then taking the guidance is the best way out. But if you are someone who is better off ticking the to do list by yourself at your own pace, that works well too. What works for one might not work for the other. Which is why there is no straightjacket solution or answer to any question posed. The choice between self study or otherwise is also made based on your previous academic performance and your ability to cope up with the rigor.

Now after you identify your learning style and opt  among self study or otherwise, here are a few resources which could come handy to all kinds of aspirants and have proven to be quiet helpful for the preparation of IPMAT Indore:

  1. Pearson IPM guide- This book is a tailor made version of a preparation material for IPMAT. It has been written by IIM alumni and hence is apt for an IPMAT aspirant to be guided. It has explanations of the concept with examples and an exercise for the same. At the end, mock tests are available to help the aspirant figure out their standing. At the end of each section too, there are sectional analysis tests which would help you find which is your strongest and weakest area, for the purpose of time management in the exam. 
  2. Word power made easy- The most recommended book for verbal is this one. Although it is not all exhaustive and it is advisable to read the newspaper’s editorial section daily for the practice of RC, this book would help you to get a lot of things sorted in your head about the verbal section. You do not have to memorize anything in the verbal section. Even if you do memorize 500 words, there would be a 501 word which might appear in the exam and then your mind would race with the thoughts “ you wasted your time reading so many words and memorizing them. Instead you could have used the same time for something else which would end up in the exam.” This is inevitable. Hence, for the verbal section it is enough to keep reading and understanding meanings and usage of words in the sentence.
  3. Video lectures- There are multiple channels on youtube which provide free lectures for various topics and also run paper analysis as well as marathons for IPMAT. Do check them out as well.

Apart from that, there are coaching which provide free material and mocks for demo. Trying them out would not just help you understand their level of content but would also help you in your preparation.

Here is UniVoyage’s demo material which includes video lectures, ebook, mocks and topic wise tests – Click here