How to manage time during IPMAT exam?

To crack IPMAT, one must be able to manage time effectively to maximize accuracy and the number of questions attempted both at the same time. This can be done through prior rough calculations of the maximum time one can spend on – a) Each Section and b) Each Question in the IPMAT exam. One must […]

All About IPMAT IIM Indore

IPMAT Indore is the aptitude test started and conducted by IIM Indore for enrollment into its IPM course (Integrated Program in Management). IIM Indore, the sixth addition to the IIM family, was established in 1996. It started its first batch of IPM in 2011. IPM is a 5-year dual degree program; BA (Foundations of management – 3 years) + MBA (2 years).

Why should I choose UniVoyage

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