IPM or BBA- Which one should you choose?

IPM – Integrated program in management is a dual degree program offered at IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu. The course is divided into 3 years of under graduation and 2 years of post-graduation. The course is a sought-after program for young students with managerial and leadership aspirations. To know more about IPM course you can check out our YouTube video: Everything about IPM || Webinar by IIM Students

But, how is the first three years of IPM different from a regular BBA course?

First, the curriculum of IPM is starkly different from that of a BBA course. It includes subjects from humanities, arts, social studies and does not just focus on commerce and business studies related subjects. It is designed with the holistic development of an individual in mind.So, if you are someone who wants the course to be commerce and business studies oriented, BBA would be a better option. Second, the IIM experience. While doing the IPM course, you get to meet and interact with brilliant minds from all over India and live in some of the beautiful campuses in India.Choosing IPM gives you the opportunity to experience this for 5 years as opposed to the 2 year MBA program.   Also, IIMs are known for their placements and strong alumni support. Third, IPM course is expensive than taking a BBA course.While the fees of the first three years of IPM is around 15 lakhs, fees of a BBA course is around 5 lakhs on an average. In the IPM program, at the end of the three years one will be awarded a BA degree at IIM Indore and BBA degree at IIM Rohtak, IIM Ranchi, IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya. IPM program also provides an exit option at the end of the 3 years.

You can make your decision after analyzing what job profile and skill set you want to build. As the topics for IPMAT and JIPMAT are mostly the same as top BBA entrance exams such CUET, NPAT,SET etc so one can also prepare for these exams parallely. The choice depends on one’s interests and aspirations. Hope these points will aid you in making your decisions. Good Luck!